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Ramcatch Inc, a company based in Arlington, Texas is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of ramcatch ATB barriers. It has a manufacturing agreement with a top of the line ISO 2002 company based in Pennsylvania.

RAMCATCH offers a full range of Mobile Vehicle Barriers for securing public spaces.  Haltbrac Défense was the Winner of the 2017 INNOVATION  competition in the "Safety Prevention" category at the Mayors convention in France.

RAMCATCH Vehicle Barriers

Mobile, Easy to install, efficient and sturdy

RAMCATCH Vehicle Barriers


Anti-Terrorist Protection Securing Streets and Public Events. 

RAMCATCH,  US manufacturer of Mobile Vehicle Barriers brings the safety and seriousness of recognized industrial partners. 

Major European cities have already adopted RAMCATCH vehicle barriers making it the first European player.

RAMCATCH vehicle barriers offer unparalleled protection in the fight against crazy vehicles, murderous vehicles or ram vehicles. RAMCATCH load transfer barriers in '' L '' or '' Y '' are the best alternative for stopping a dangerous vehicle much more effectively than a concrete block.

RAMCATCH vehicle barriers are very innovative, Made in USA and available in several versions depending on the level of security needed. RAMCATCH barriers do not convey a military feel and do not bring anxiety to pedestrians. 

Simple and fast to assemble without any tools for an optimal efficiency in the field. Available wheel kits allow the opening of the barrier assembly by a single person in a few seconds to let emergency vehicles through. 

Unmatched mechanical strength on the market, RAMCATCH vehicle barriers are guaranteed 10 years in the event of a vehicle crash.


High-tech design and manufacturing capability to guarantee impeccable quality in a state of the art facility.


Design - Manufacturing 

The design and manufacturing of mobile safetybarriers especially in the field of counter-terrorism, requires a modern, efficient and reliable production tool, as well as trained and competent teams.

From the design department, the programming to the manufacturing of the finished product, RAMCATCH safety barriers benefit from the best technology available. The seriousness of the development, the quality of manufacturing and the ability to withstand crash tests make RAMCATCH barriers of reference.

Our modern workshops specialized in design and production are the guarantee of quality and reliability, reinforced by adapted and efficient tools. Thick cuts from C channels and sheets made with a tube laser and / or flat bed laser are always perfect and precise.Tube laser cutting works on a multi-axis basis where the steel bar is rotated by a large chuck and the laser then cuts the necessary holes, apertures and profiles. This is a highly accurate method of cutting metal and has many advantages over traditional “sawing” methods.

In addition to Tube Lasers and Flat bed lasers, we use robotic folding, flame cutting, engraving machines, automated welding machines and powder coating for a more durable finish. RAMCATCH Inc is commited to offer the best finished product.  

A 3 shifts large production capacity allows an immediate response and short delivery times. 

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Our products are designed and manufactured with the utmost care. We understand that durabilty and functionality are essentials when cities and communities make such an investment. RAMCATCH offers up to 10 year guarantee.

Do not hesitate to contact us for details of our exclusive warranties.


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Introduction of the RAMCATCH Truck 18 Tons Barrier
Introduction of the RAMCATCH Truck 18 Tons Barrier


Discover our videos and watch the way our barriers work

Crash test RAMCATCH ATB 1800

Crash test model ATB-156

RAMCATCH vehicle barriers have been engineered, developed in France and are manufactured in the US by RAMCATCH Inc. 

In this test, a 7700 Lbs van at 30 mph is stopped.  Note that the front of the vehicle is in the air due to the rotation of the L-shaped profiles around their angle. Most of the energy in the vehicle's horizontal momentum is thus countered by the gravitational force. A firm grip is established on the road surface and the vehicle underside but an almost instant stop.


An extraordinary simplicity!


Click on the video to watch a very simple installation that can be done in a few minutes by one or two people


Everyone thinks they are safe behind concrete blocks and yet ...

Attacks using vehicles are to be feared at every event attracting a large audience after the dramatic events in Europe, US and Canada, . The use of traditional barriers is no longer sufficient and does not guarantee security.

Many cities have opted for the use of concrete blocks. The installation of concrete blocks is not a really effective solution and requires heavy equipment, handling and manpower. It is also subject to significant delays in setting up and dismantling. It does not allow emergency vehicles to go through.

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